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At Reese & Associates, we have the capability to perform all static soil testing. Our in-house laboratory is fully-equipped for a wide range of soil testing including:

• classification and natural properties
• compaction
• expansion
• grain-size distribution
• permeability
• direct shear
• triaxial strength
• consolidation and swell

Our laboratory is operated under the supervision of Mr. Carlos España, who has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of geotechnical laboratory testing. Our equipment is maintained and calibrated on a regular basis, and all testing is performed in accordance standardized ASTM or Caltrans test procedures. Field engineers and technicians use nuclear moisture density gauges when performing observation and testing services during placement and compaction of fills. Our laboratory is also equipped with a humidity and temperature-controlled room for curing cast concrete cylinders.

A geotechnical laboratory fee schedule can be provided upon request, and specialized testing can also be performed. If our laboratory is not equipped to perform such testing in-house, we will arrange to have the testing performed by a partner lab.